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My Story

After years as a strategic advisor and operational leader, I am positioning myself for some selective consulting in the years ahead.

The name Viamde is rooted in latin, with "viam de" meaning "the way". My years of Latin classes and Benedictine schooling are showing their influence. 

My intent is to continue to help organizations move from purpose to practice by assisting in "setting the path and guiding the way". Along the way, sharing life values and integrating prayer and work. 


My Qualifications

Leadership for strategic performance by planning, delivering and managing change for new-value solutions and capabilities.

Strategic Planning, Program Management, Operational Leadership, Communications. 

Capitalization strategies for early stage growth companies. 

M&A Deal Books for firms seeking to sell all or part of their business. 


Setting the Path, Guiding the Way

A four step approach for strategic planning and programs for change. 


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Greenbrier_Trail_2011_IMG_0693.JPG    Mission & Values ... Who We Are
     - A clear definition of our purpose
     - Core values and competencies
    Vision & Goals ... Where We're Going
     - Our vision and model for operating in the future
     - Major drivers and key goals
    Strategies & Plans ... How We'll Get There
     - Key Strategies ... approaches to achieve our goals
     - Delivery priorities, plans and timelines ... setting the path
    Programs for Change ... Action Plans and Communications
     - Designing change and managing change
     - Well-defined initiatives and action plans